Currently we are collaborating with Panaumna Project and Madison Muller Art to create shark t-shirts to raise money for our ocean talks. These shark t-shirts are ethically made, eco-friendly, with 100% of the profits going towards educating the next generation about ocean conservation.


If you are keen to get your own shark t-shirt and help us with our mission to deliver ocean conservation education as well, head to the Panamuna Project’s page by heading to the ‘Take Action’ page.


We are also proud to have collaborated with Project Hiu, lead by Madison Stewart, that has a mission to turn a well-known shark fishing village in Lombok, Indonesia, into a thriving tourism location.

This project is working with the local fisherman, helping them to no longer rely on shark fishing as their form of income.

Below are some photos from the Tourism vs Shark Fishing trial run lead by Madison Stewart in May 2018.

gen blue also collaborates with a range of like-minded ocean organisations and individuals. If you are interested in collaborating on a project with us head to our contact page and hit us up with your idea.