From depleting fish stocks to ocean acidification, from plastic pollution to the destruction of marine ecosystems, humans are causing drastic effects to the marine world. So now, it is our responsibility to right the wrongs we have caused to the natural world.


Our Mission

Our mission is ocean conservation through education, creating a “blue” generation of ocean warriors. We firmly believe that people protect what they love, and so our mission is to get the next generation as inspired and passionate about the wonders of the underwater world so they will grow to love, respect, and ultimately protect the ocean and the animals found there.

Gen Blue is a marine conservation education company with a focus on marine science and conservation. Using scientific knowledge, industry experience and passion for our oceans, we deliver presentations from kinder to Year 12 students that incorporate the Australian scientific curriculum with the aim to both teach and inspire the next generation about ocean conservation.

It is so important that we protect our oceans and inspiring the next generation to become ocean warriors is vital for us to achieve that.

The founder

Kristy Hillas searching for basking sharks in Cornwall, England.

Kristy Hillas searching for basking sharks in Cornwall, England.

Kristy Hillas is an Ocean Conservationist with a Bachelors Degree in Science (Marine Biology) and a Master of Environment Degree (Climate Change and Conservation) both obtained at The University of Melbourne. Her main focus is on climate change and shark science and outreach.

Growing up in Australia, Kristy has always been surrounded by the ocean and has always been drawn to the marine world. While Kristy has a passion for protecting all marine life, over the part few years her focus has been heavily on shark conservation. This focus came about during her undergraduate degree when she learnt how much shark populations have declined. From here she has been involved in shark conservation in Australia, Indonesia, and the South Pacific, both as a scientist and as an educator.

Kristy is a member of a number of marine conservation organsiations such as, The Environmental Cooperative, The Hooper Collective (Project Hiu Foundation), Take Three of the Sea, and Fin Free Melbourne where she worked as a marine scientist and conservationist. Her main focus now is to inspire the next generation to become active in protecting our oceans.

Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it.
— David Suzuki