Secondary school presentations


OCEAN science

Year 7 and 8
In this presentation we dive further into the world of ocean science, specifically discussing the diversity of species found in the ocean and their classifications, along with interactions between marine organisms. We will also discuss the effects of human activities are having on the oceans and how these activities can be seen throughout marine food chains, and most importantly what choices we can made to reduce our environmental footprint.


ocean and natural selection

Year 9 and 10
In this presentation we focus on the abiotic and biotic components of an ecosystem, and the theory of natural selection and how it explains the diversity of all living things.When will also discuss how shark ecosystems are changing due to human activities and what we can do to help protect marine species and their environment.


Senior ocean conservation

Year 11 and 12
During this presentation we go into depth about the ecological importance of the ocean and dive into the nitty gritty science on how human activities are impacting the Earth’s blue ecosystems. Here, we will specifically discuss shark science and the roles of these apex predators in our oceans, along with how climate change is affecting our oceans and most importantly; how we can help save our blue world.